randomly generated local default news team:
Your Raleigh-Durham News Channel 28

Krista Ann Mendelson, Tyler McAllister, Paige Summers, Donald McWilliams

apartment complex name »The Fountains of Quiet Meadows
fraternity guy name »Donald Davidson
sorority chick name »Courtney Leigh O´Donnell
aspiring ethnic actress name »T´Questa Johnson
death row inmate name »Darren Roy Mason
independent film name »Arizona Daria
prescription medication name »Praxelpin
catfish aficionado »Churchie O´Catfish
corporate buzzword »Shifting Recourse Range
xfl team name »The Sacremento Eruptors
small texas town name »Buck Mound
alternative band name »Velvet Absence Seven
cheesy radio station »Jam 104.1 The Skink
italian guy »Joey “Knuckles” Piffabucci
fratboy term for breasts »Bazoombas
microbrew name »Gold Smack Lager
northeast town »New Southlondonton

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