randomly generated local default news team:
Your Tulsa Eye Team 23

Lance McAllister, Krista Ann Christiansen, Paige Summers, Donald Corcoran

apartment complex name »The Trails of Bending Falls
fraternity guy name »Craig McMurray
sorority chick name »Amiee Leigh Christiansen
aspiring ethnic actress name »Shanoofa Washington
death row inmate name »Johnny Roy Smith
independent film name »Saving Alyssa
prescription medication name »Zenecoxin
catfish aficionado »Apey Bibson
corporate buzzword »Proprietary Activity Concourse
xfl team name »The Montpeilier Throatslashers
small texas town name »Wynonarope
alternative band name »Strife Brick Project
cheesy radio station »Peepchills 91.3 The Smudge
italian guy »Frank “Kneecaps” Pastabucci
fratboy term for breasts »Bazoombas
microbrew name »Saint Pear Ale
northeast town »New Westlondonshire

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