randomly generated local default news team:
Your Kansas City News Center 5

Ashley Leigh O´Donnell, Chad Michaelson, Clarice DiMonaco, Skip O´Dainels

apartment complex name »The Sequoias of Western Oaks
fraternity guy name »Chandler Duncan
sorority chick name »Ashley Ann Masters
aspiring ethnic actress name »T´Questa Jackson
death row inmate name »Jesse Lee Brown
independent film name »Joanne´s Big Catch
prescription medication name »Lucicoxin
catfish aficionado »Apes McToastman
corporate buzzword »Skillset Checklist Concourse
xfl team name »The Sioux City Anaconda-Eaters
small texas town name »Deershoe
alternative band name »Chautreuse Monkey Project
cheesy radio station »Rock 95.5 The Yak
italian guy »Joey “Kneecaps” Pastabucci
fratboy term for breasts »Milkers
microbrew name »Tire Rock Lager
northeast town »Far Westhamptonderry

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