randomly generated local default news team:
Your Pensacola News Center 17

Jennifer Leigh O´Donnell, Mindy DiMonaco, Buck McMurray, Brent McPhillips

apartment complex name »The Landings of Winding Cedars
fraternity guy name »Skip McMurray
sorority chick name »Kristie Ann Sanderson
aspiring ethnic actress name »Shaniqua Sanders
death row inmate name »Sammy Lee Parker
independent film name »Nate´s Surprise
prescription medication name »Fenapin
catfish aficionado »Fubie MaGoop
corporate buzzword »System Recourse Concepts
xfl team name »The Tacoma Knucklecrackers
small texas town name »Deerscoot
alternative band name »Cellophane Cork Thirtytwo
cheesy radio station »Jam 89.5 The Squid
italian guy »Tony “Nine Toes” Cannaloni
fratboy term for breasts »Hoochas
microbrew name »Old Stump Ale
northeast town »New Eastchesterberg

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